Montreat Minute for January 3rd, 2020

Montreat Minute for January 3, 2020

Happy New Year from all of us at the Town and best wishes for a gratifying 2020.

2020 Community Calendar

Several of you have mentioned that you learn about key Montreat events after they are over or too late to enter them into busy calendars. Therefore, we decided to publish a listing of 2020 key happenings in life at Montreat. Please know this list is not exhaustive, so stay informed all year long through the Montreat Minute, MRA Community Announcements, Montreat College website and other sources. We apologize if we have missed any events. Please contact us at [email protected] with any corrections or others that need to be added. This listing will be on our website.

Jan 20                Town Offices closed, MLK Day; Sanitation pickup delayed to 21st

Feb5                  Montreat Landcare

Feb 13                Town Council Meeting

Feb 24                Tree Board

March 4             Montreat Landcare

March 12          Town Council Meeting

March 30          Tree Board

April 1                 Montreat Landcare

April 3                 Daffodil Party

April 9                 Town Council Meeting

April 10               Town Offices Closed-Good Friday

April 25              Native Plant Sale

April 27               Tree Board

May 6                 Montreat Landcare

May 9                Montreat College graduation

May 14              Town Council Meeting

May 23              Montreat Scottish Society annual meeting

May 24              Kirkin of the Tartans

May 25              Town Offices closed, Memorial Day; Sanitation pickup delayed to 26th

June 6                Montreat Landcare

June 6               First MRA summer conference/Clubs & summer activities begin

June 12              Town Council Meeting

June 23              Tree Board

July 1                  Montreat Landcare

July 3                  Town Offices Closed-4th of July Holiday

July 4                 4th of July Parade and Cottagers’ Barbeque

July 7                  Bulk Items/White Good Pickup

July 8/15/          Adult Summer Club Meetings


July 9                  Town Council Meeting

July 11               Cottagers’ Summer Meeting

July 25                Adult Summer Club Auction

July 27               Tree Board

Aug 1                 Cottagers’ Annual Meeting

Aug 5                 Montreat Landcare

Aug 8                 Last MRA summer conference ends/Clubs end/most summer activities end

Aug 13               Town Council Meeting

Aug 18               Montreat College classes begin

Aug 24               Tree Board

Sept 2                 Montreat Landcare

Sept 7                 Town Offices closed, Labor Day; Sanitation pickup delayed to 8th

Sept 10              Town Council Meeting

Sept 28              Tree Board

Oct 7                  Montreat Landcare

Oct 8                  Town Council Meeting

Oct 26                Tree Board

Oct 27               Bulk/White Items Curbside Pick Up

Nov  3                Election day for Montreat Council (Mayor and 2 Commissioners) and other local, state and national contests

Nov 4                 Montreat Landcare

Nov 12               Town Council Meeting

Nov 23               Tree Board

Nov 26-27         Town Offices closed, Thanksgiving; Sanitation pickup not affected

Dec 2                 Montreat Landcare

Dec 10               Town Council

Dec 11              MRA Candlelight Dinner

Dec 24-25         Town Offices closed, Christmas; Sanitation pickup not affected

Dec 28               Tree Board

Dec 31               Cottagers’ New Year’s Eve Watch Night Service

Other events, dates to be determined:

  • Town Hall ribbon cutting and dedication–  likely around July 4
  • Montreat College Christmas Concert—typically first Saturday after Thanksgiving weekend

Greybeard Trail Construction Update

As many know, the contractor has been working on Greybeard Trail to repair damage done by Tropical Storm Alberto. Here’s a brief update:

  • The detour via Louisiana-Virginia-West Virginia Roads has been in place for several weeks. Please be patient and obey the traffic lights. We promise: they do turn green after 5-6 minutes!
  • A good portion of the existing boulder wall between the road and the creek has been removed in preparation for a permanent erosion control solution
  • Temporary creek diversion barriers have been installed to protect Flat Creek. We know and realize, as does the contractor, there are issues regarding erosion control and potential infiltration into Flat Creek during this process. The contractor is working to prevent such events.
  • Although the contractor has not given us a projected completion date for this phase, we are confident that they will meet their 90 day promise.

Sanitation Pick Up

Over time, we’ve gotten used to when Bill Creasman and his assistants pick up trash and recycling. However, their route and timing have been somewhat altered due to the Greybeard Trail detour. Therefore, to ensure your trash and recycling are picked up, please have everything out by 8:00am on Mondays.

Town Council Meeting Next Week

The January Montreat Town Council meeting will be held, Thursday, January 9, at 7:00pm in the Walkup Building. The Public Forum precedes the Council meeting at 6:30. Everyone is welcome. For a copy of the agenda, CLICK HERE. If you can’t make it, stream the meeting live by going to the Town Facebook page: www.facebook/TownofMontreat starting at 6:30pm.

Other Upcoming Meetings

  • Montreat Landcare Committee: No January meeting
  • Montreat Planning and Zoning Committee, Thursday, January 16, at 10:30am in the Walkup Building

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend.

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