Montreat Minute March 15, 2019

Vice-Mayor’s Summary of the March 14, 2019

Town Council Meeting Greetings Fellow Montreaters,

This is Kent Otto, Mayor Pro Tem, taking over for Mayor Helm’s as he was out of town for the meeting. We were appreciative of the 16 people who came to be a part of the evening’s proceedings.

Here are the highlights from the meeting:

Public Forum questions/comments included:

There were a number of comments regarding the “scenic detour” that was set up due to the culvert re-construction on Assembly Drive. A question was asked about when the work would be finished. I shared with them that due to weather and other circumstances, the project will not be complete until Monday afternoon, weather permitting. Several others commented on the high speed of many cars, which makes for hazardous conditions on the narrow roads. Town Administrator, Alex Carmichael, took note of the comments and will ensure public safety is upheld… CLICK HERE to read more…

Road Closure

We Apologize for the Extended Road Closing We had planned for the Assembly Drive road construction to be completed before the weekend. However, due to bad weather and other construction issues, we anticipate Assembly Drive will be reopened Monday afternoon, weather permitting. Check the website ( on Monday for any updates. Thank you for your flexibility and patience. And, please drive carefully and slowly on the “scenic detour”.

Hemlocks and Wooly Adelgid Update:

Good News! Rusty Frank of the Landcare Committee reports that the effectiveness of the predator beetles on the Wooly Adelgid population shows promising results. Nearly 5,000 Laricobius nigrinris (Lari for short!) beetles have been released between September 2015 and February 2018. The predator beetle effectiveness has been evaluated with observations showing the Adelgid population is decreasing as hoped for. Further, it appears that the Lari beetles are reproducing and migrating into other areas beyond their release points. These tiny beetles are doing a huge job in helping save our Hemlock trees. Thanks to the Landcare Committee for leading this effort.

Have a great weekend.

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