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The Town of Montreat requests proposals from qualified and experienced engineers to prepare design documents for the Texas Road Pedestrian Bridge Project Number 2019-002. The purpose of this project is to prepare design documents for the conversion of Texas Road Bridge from a vehicular bridge to a pedestrian bridge. The project is located on Texas Road, spans Flat Creek, and is identified by bridge number 528. Services to be provided, proposal contents, evaluation criteria and submission requirements are outlined below.

The project is the conversion of an existing vehicular bridge into a pedestrian bridge. The Town envisions the long-term product to be a covered pedestrian bridge with wood and stone design elements and opensides. However, the construction and conversion of the bridge will be separated into two phases. The first phase will utilize the existing bridge structure to the extent reasonably possible. The engineer will need to consider the useful life of, and need to repair or replace in the future, the existing headwalls and wingwalls of the bridge.  A structural engineer may need to be consulted in the design process. The first phase of construction/conversion will make needed structural improvements to the bridge, including either (a) removing the approximate 3 1/2’ edge of the timbers along each side of the bridge (to the edge of the underlying steel beams), and then resurfacing the top of the remaining portion of the timbers; or (b) removing all of the existing timbers along the top surface of the bridge and installing new narrower timbers in their place. An alternative consideration would be to not utilize the existing structure as extensively, but to construct a “bridge over the bridge,” with new supporting structures being installed. The first phase of construction will include needed safety improvements to the bridge. These include resurfacing the bridge, installing a handrail along each side of the bridge, installing bollards to prevent vehicular traffic on the bridge, and installing design elements directing pedestrian traffic onto the bridge.

The potential second phase of construction/conversion will include (a) a cover/roof over bridge, (b) a small park area in the area west of the bridge, and (c) any design elements and features that cannot be included in the first phase due to budgetary constraints.

Interest parties are invited to submit proposals for the provision of engineering and design services for the Texas Road Bridge Project Number 2019-002. All proposals must be delivered on or before Monday, November 12th at 4:00 PM in order to be considered. Each firm is asked to submit seven (7) copies of their proposal for service by US Mail or deliver to:

Alex Carmichael

Town of Montreat

96 Rainbow Terrace

Black Mountian, NC 28711

A PDF copy is also required to minimize future printing. Any questions should be directed to Alex Carmichael at [email protected] or (828) 669-8002.


The full advertisement for RFQ PROJECT NUMBER 2019-002 TEXAS ROAD PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE can be found by clicking here.

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