Montreat Minute Special Edition for Oct. 9, 2018: Town Hall Design Public Input Session

Don’t Miss the Town Hall Design Public Input Session

Monday, October 15, 4:30pm in the Walkup Building


The opportunity is coming soon to offer your ideas for the design of the new Town Hall. Come next Monday to help shape the look of the Town Hall. Here’s how you can prepare and participate:


  1. Share your opinions in the online Survey. Whether you’re coming on Monday or not able to attend, make your thoughts known through the specially designed Town Hall Design Survey. Click here to take the survey. It will take less than five minutes, but your ideas could last for generations to come. This is especially important for property owners who are out of town or not able to make it to the Monday meeting. Don’t delay, take the survey now by clicking here.
  2. Know what the 2016 Town Hall Committee recommended. In 2016, the Town Hall Committee met for three months discussing the location for the new town hall. But they also discussed, and received public input on, design and building features. Click here to see the summary of design ideas that came out of the Town Hall Committee Final Report from November 2016.
  3. Read up on what the needs are. The Town Hall Working Group provided the Design/Build firm with a “Design Program” which outlines the physical needs. Read up by clicking here to know what the architect needs to include in the floorplan.
  4. Participate in the discussion Monday afternoon. The same questions that are on the survey will be discussed in a forum led by the architect, Maury Hurt, and the contractor, Brian Sineath. Share your thoughts during the open forum. It doesn’t matter if you already completed the survey, simply share those same thoughts during the session.
  5. Watch the discussion live via Facebook Live even if you can’t be there. We’ll be broadcasting the event live via Facebook Live. We’ll send instructions on how to access it later this week. In the meantime, go to Facebook and “friend” Town of Montreat.
  6. Brainstorm with one another. After the group discussion, you’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm with other participants by jotting your ideas down on sticky notes and posting them on special idea boards.


Afterward, Maury will take all the input, synthesize it and create a design. Know that your input is important, whether you’re at the meeting or not. This is your opportunity to influence the design of the new Town Hall. Be a part of it.

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