10/15/2018 Public Input Session for Town Hall Design

An Announcement You’ve Been Waiting For about the Town Hall!

Last month, we said there would be a Town Hall Design Public Input Session in the fall. Save the date: Monday, October 15, at 4:30 in the Walkup Building.


Come and offer your thoughts about what the new Town Hall should look like. This is a listening session by the Town Hall working committee as well as the architect and contractor. You will have the opportunity to provide your ideas, brainstorm with other attendees and help shape the design of the new Town Hall.


On Monday, October 15th, the Hurt Architecture and Sineath Construction will conduct a community input process. This will be the community’s opportunity to share ideas or concerns before the building is designed. Members of the Montreat community that are out of town will be able to view the meeting through Facebook Live and provide feedback through an online survey distributed on the Sunshine list.

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Click here to download the Design Program.

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