The Town of Montreat is located in the eastern portion of Buncombe County, just north of the Town of Black Mountain, in western North Carolina. Montreat's water supply system (PWS ID # 01-11-484) serves a population of 798 people via 665 connections. The town owns twelve wells, but operates only eleven at present. Because Well #6 and Well #4 influence each other, Well # 4 has been taken off line and abandoned. The wells obtain water from a bedrock aquifer and are located in the Blue Ridge and Inner Piedmont Recharge Area, where the estimated average recharge rate is 600,000 gallons per day per square mile. The wells are not screened. The town has two storage tanks with a total capacity of 600,000 gallons. The town has two certified operators and chemical addition consists of aqua mag, chlorine, and two wells, nos. 6 and 8 use poly phosphate for iron removal. Average daily usage is 85,585 gallons per day.