Montreat is blessed to be in a cove surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains. However, even the natural environment requires some level of oversight and management.  The Town, as well as MRA, are keenly aware of the importance of this stewardship. As a result, the Montreat Tree Board oversees the management of trees in the public spaces of Montreat. The Board is active in key areas of tree management:

  • Protection and preservation of trees on public lands
  • Applying best practices in planting, pruning, preserving, removing, replacing and overall care of Montreat trees
  • Focusing on saving Hemlock trees on the main corridor of Montreat along Assembly Drive, moving outward on either side
  • Inventorying public trees in order to develop and initiate a tree management plan to maintain the beauty and vibrancy of the urban forest.

Click Here for addittional information about tree management, community and external partnerships, and conservation efforts in Montreat.

Tree Work