Board of Commissioners

Mission Statement:

"To seek ways to maintain and improve the quality of life, preserve the natural beauty and promote responsible growth while maintaining our community image, heritage and traditions."

Montreat operates under a Manager-Council form of government.  The Board of Commissioners (also referred to as the Town Council) consists of the Mayor and five Commissioners and appoints a Town Manager to oversee the Town's day-to-day operations.  Elections for the Mayor and Commissioners are held each November as their four-year staggered terms expire.  These elections are non-partisan.  The Board is also assisted by a Planning and Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Adjustment and several other advisory committees.

All meetings of the Board of Commissioners and its advisory committees are open to the public, except for matters discussed in Closed Session pursuant to N.C.G.S. 143-318(11).