Sanitation Department

Revised Website Description for Sanitation Department

Please Note: Montreat is a nationally designated BearWise Community. BearWise is a national program that shares ways to prevent conflicts with black bears, provides resources to resolve problems with black bears, and encourages community initiatives to keep black bears wild. Your participation and compliance in securing your solid waste is critical to a safe and successful program.





The Town of Montreat operates curbside sanitation services for solid waste disposal and recycling. There is no additional charge for curbside services, as it is included in the taxes paid. Pick up is every Monday, the exception being holidays. In such cases, pickup will be the next business day.

Solid waste must be placed in plastic bags with the drawstring tied at the top. Recycling must be placed in either blue or clear bags with the drawstring tied. Bags may be mixed in the same container. Containers should be placed curbside by 8:00am on the day of pickup. Due to wildlife, solid waste and recycle bags must be placed in containers. If placed in advance of pick up day, containers must be bear proof or placed in a bear proof enclosure.

“Back door” sanitation service is available at an additional cost. See Fees for details.

As an additional service, a sanitation Convenience Center is available for Montreat homeowners and renters. The Center is located across the bridge from the Town Hall. Separate dumpsters are available for solid waste and recycling. All solid waste and recycling must be bagged and placed in the appropriate container. There is no fee for the Convenience Center, which is open 24/7. Security cameras are in place for safety and to ensure proper use by Montreaters only.

Property owners are responsible for informing all renters and guests about the sanitation program and will be held responsible if Town ordinances involving waste disposal are violated. To review Town sanitation ordinances, CLICK HERE.