Montreat By The Numbers

Town Administration Date Topic Statistic December Inter-Organizational /Intergovernmental Meetings 4 December Agendas Prepared 2 December Minutes Transcribed 2 December Resolutions Drafted 1 December Public Records Requests Processed 1 December Water Bills Processed 674 December Leak Adjustments 20 December New Water Accounts Established 2 December Purchase Orders 68 December Sunshine List Messages 11 December Website Posts 11 December Social Media Posts 2 December Code Red Alerts 1 December Workers Compensation Claims 0
Police Date Topic Statistic December Professional Development Hours 0 December Disturbance Calls 7 December Accident Responses 1 December Auxiliary Hours Worked 24R/36T December Truck Turns at Gate 2 December MPD Fuel Cost $731.38 December Patrol Mileage 2,310 December Dispatched Calls 78 December Officer-Initiated Calls 458 December Fire/EMS Assistance Calls 6F/2E December Motorist/Other Assistance Calls 69 December Traffic Stops 13 December Parking Issues 7 December Burglar/Fire Alarm Responses 2B/3F December Residential/Building Checks 240 December Ordinance Violations 1 December Law Enforcement Agency Assistance Calls 29 December Animal Control Calls 3 December Larcenies 0 December Breaking & Entering Calls 0 December Suspicious Person/Vehicle Investigations 13V/4P
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Streets Date Topic Statistic December Miles of Road Maintained 15.12 December Miles of New Road Constructed 0 December Public Trees Removed 0 December Sand Applied to Roads (tons) 14 December Ice Melt Applied to Roads (pounds) 1,500 December Monthly Fuel Costs 286.25 December Contracted Employee Staff Hours 0 December Road Closures 0
Water and Public Works Date Topic Statistic December Calls for Service 10 December Water Leaks Repaired 0 December New Water Lines Installed 1 December Water Meters Read 674 December Water Meter Replacements 0 December Gallons of Water Produced 264,700 December Monthly Fuel Cost 390.36 December Hours Pumped (11 wells combined) 0
Zoning Date Topic Statistic December Conditional Use Permits Granted 0 December Permit Extensions Granted 0 December Sign Permits Issued 0 December Notice of Violations 0 December Approved Zoning Permits 2 December Denied Zoning Permits 0 December Pending Zoning Permits 3 December Variance/Interpretation Granted 0
Sanitation Date Topic Statistic December Tons of Curbside Trash Collected 13.51 December Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Bags Collected 40 December Tons of Curbside Recycling Collected 2.97 December Pay-As-You-Throw Recycling Bags Collected 28 December Cardboard Recycling Collected 0 December Unique Curbside Sanitation Stops 1,735 December Sanitation Diversion Rate 0.1802 December Bagged Leaf Pickup 323 December Brush Pickup (cubic yards) 49.78 December Hauling Fees 1,168.51 December Tipping Fees 1,023.25 December Dumpster Rental Fees 203.62 December Sanitation Fuel 313.19 December Contracted Employee Staff Hours 65