Is This Recyclable?

Do Recycle:

Metal cans (aluminum, steel, tin)

Empty aerosol cans

Plastic bottles, jars and food containers with Recycling Symbols #1 through #7

Glass bottles and jars (brown/green/clear)

Aluminum pie tins and food trays

Milk and juice cartons and boxes

Newspapers and inserts

Corrugated cardboard

Mixed paper (see below)

Don't Recycle:

Aluminum foil

Dishes or cookware

Window glass


Dishes or cookware

Window glass



Plastic wrap

Light bulbs

Drinking glasses

Plastic bags*

Paper towels or tissues

Black microwavable food trays

*Plastic shopping bags are recyclable, but are not accepted by our service provider. Ingles, Wal-Mart, Target and other stores provide bins for these bags, usually just inside the entrance doors.