Friendly Warning about Convenience Center

Town Staff has noticed that the bear activity has increased around (and in) the Sanitation Convenience Center along with an increase of Montreat residents/guests using the center during the day and even more after the sunsets. Town Staff would like to ask residents/guests who are using the center to please be aware of their surroundings and to always scan the area for bears. During this time of year bears are searching for any type of food that they can find because food is scarce for them right now. They will generally search for food during the nighttime hours so Town Staff would also like to ask residents/guests that if they have trash that they are planning on taking to the center that they do it during daylight hours. When using the recycling and trash dumpsters please look to see that all dumpsters are latched before use and please see that they are latched after use to ensure the safety of all that use the center. Town Staff would also ask that if at any time a resident/guest using the center feels unsafe or sees suspicious activity for them to please leave the area and call 911 and an officer will be dispatched to their location.