Board of Adjustment Meeting 09/28/23


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Thursday, September 28th, 2023 – 5:00 p.m.
Town Hall
The Montreat Board of Adjustment will hold their Regular Meeting on Thursday, September 28th, 2023,
2023 at 5:00 p.m. at Town Hall, 1210 Montreat Road, Montreat, NC.
The purpose of the meeting is as follows:

  • The Montreat Board of Adjustment will approve/deny the written order for a Variance request to
    Section 809 of the Montreat Zoning Ordinance to allow an 18.36-square-foot wayfinding sign on the
    eastern side of Assembly Drive approximately halfway between Lookout Road and Community Center
    Circle on the lot described as PIN# 071096841400000 submitted by the Tanner Pickett.
  • The Montreat Board of Adjustment will hold an evidentiary hearing for a Special Use Permit (SUP-2023-
    01). This request is for a Special Use Permit to allow a 907-square-foot detached Garage (Accessory
    Building) with a final height taller than ten feet to be placed in the front yard of a single-family dwelling
    unit submitted by Dana Bobilya with Harrison Homes (on behalf of the Property Owners, Theodore and
    Susan Mourouzis and Frank and Margaret DeFilippo) on property in the R-1 Zoning District located on
    Oak Lane approximately 450 feet west of Oak Lane’s intersection with Louisiana Road and described
    as PIN# 071066814100000 within the Town of Montreat.
  • The Montreat Board of Adjustment will hold an evidentiary hearing for a Variance request (VA-2023-
    01) submitted by Todd Hutchingson, who is under contract to purchase the Subject Property, for the
    lot described as PIN#072015687600000 located about 800 feet south of the intersection of
    Appalachian Way and Oklahoma Road to the following Montreat Zoning Ordinance (MZO) sections for
    a proposed single-family dwelling: (1) Section 501.5 to reduce the front setback requirement from 30
    feet to 10 feet, (2) Section 501.81 to reduce the side setback requirement from 15 feet to 5 feet on the
    north side of the Subject Property and to 10 feet on the south side of the Subject Property, and (3)
    Section 617 to allow the driveway connection for the proposed dwelling on the Subject Property to
    connect to Oklahoma Road outside of the frontage area described in this section of the MZO.
    The agenda for this meeting can be found on the Town of Montreat’s website.
    This meeting will be available by Zoom, but remote participation is not permitted.

Angie Murphy, Town Clerk