RFP – Town of Montreat CIP Paving Projects for 2022/23

The Town of Montreat is currently taking bids on paving projects for our current budget year. Below is a list of roads that we would like individual quotes on so that we can choose which fits our current budget the best. We would like the chosen roads to be paved during the Spring due to the amount of traffic in Montreat during the summer months. Town Staff is available to meet and go over each road and answer any questions that you may have. For any questions or to schedule a time to look at the road please contact Barry Creasman at [email protected]. Town Staff will be accepting bids until the end of the business day 02/16/23.

Lookout Trail – LN FT 2250, AVG Width 16-18ft, Curb 211ft, Drainage N/A

Arkansas Trail – LN FT 1295, AVG Width 16-18ft, Curb 206ft, Drainage N/A

Chapman Road – LN FT 1350, AVG Width 16-18ft, Curb 1135ft concrete, Drainage N/A, Guardrail – 155ft (4×6 rail w/6×6 post w/galv hardware and pressure treated material or equivalent

Oklahoma Road Phase One (Currently Asphalt) – LN FT 1350, AVG Width 16-18ft, Curb 130ft asphalt, 470ft concrete, Drainage 27ft of 24in HDPE, 30ft of 24in HDPE

Oklahoma Road Phase Tow (Currently Gravel) – New Road Paving, LN FT 893, AVG Width 18ft, Curb N/A, Drainage – 55ft of 24in HDPE, 35ft of 24in HDPE, 45ft of 24in HDPE

Overbrook Road (Currently Gravel) – New Road Paving, LN FT 520, AVG Width 16ft, Curb 16ft asphalt 135ft concrete

All currently paved roads will need to be milled or existing asphalt removed and eight inches of compacted stone installed and two inches of asphalt installed. All roads marked New Paving will need eight inches of compacted stone and town inches of asphalt.