Montreat Minute Correction

We apologize for an error in the January 6th Montreat Minute Did You Know? story. One of the photos was inadvertently run twice. The corrected photos are below. Thank you for your understanding.

Did You Know?

The lake and dam, 1910
Stunt Day at the lake
The dam, store, and lake 1915

The earliest map of Montreat shows a proposed lake where Lake Susan is now.  The first dam, really a wooden sieve, nonetheless created a central spot for recreation.  Small boats could float around and each summer Stunt Day attracted a multitude of spectators.  

The flood of 1916 wiped out the earthen portion of the dam.  Although it was repaired, by 1923 it had become clear that the old dam needed to be replaced.  In October of that year Susan (Mrs. C. E.) Graham, who had already paid for two concrete bridges across Flat Creek, agreed to fund a concrete dam – with significant caveats.  MRA agreed that the area around the dam and down the stream would be made into and kept “as a permanent park.”  Specifically, the building then used as a bookstore (current location of Moore Center) would be removed, as would the garage and sawmill (current location of Walkup Building). 

The formal Memorandum of Agreement did stipulate that part of the park could be used as a playground for children.  That same year W. H. Belk donated funds to purchase playground equipment.  In short order all stipulated buildings had been removed, the new dam built, the playground installed, and Lake Susan had its name in honor of its primary donor, Mrs. Susan Graham.

Thanks to the Presbyterian Heritage Center, especially Nancy Midgette, for this glimpse from the past. Stop by the PHC for even more Montreat history and so much more.