Special Montreat Minute 09/29/22

Preparations for Possible Effects of Hurricane Ian

Here is an update on preparations the Town is making regarding the upcoming storm expected this weekend as a result of Hurricane Ian marching through Western North Carolina. We are expecting significant rain and winds.

Public Works crews have been doing a lot of pre-storm preparedness this week:

  • They have been cleaning storm drains , waterways and removing debris from the creeks in hopes that we can prevent damage to Town infrastructure.
  • They have arranged for a grading contractor , dump trucks and a tree removal service to be on standby to assist the town should the need arise.
  • Public Works and the Police will be monitoring the situation closely. One person from Public Works will be on site monitoring the event starting Friday afternoon. As needed, the entire Public Works team will report to work if the situation requires additional support.
  • We are also working with MRA on monitoring areas around town.
  • The grassy area at the truck bypass by the gate has been designated as a staging area for equipment if the creek threatens the lower Flat Creek bridge by the Town Hall.

What You Can Do:

  • Ensure loose items like trash cans, lawn chairs, yard art and similar objects are secured from the winds.
  • Clear your gutters and stormwater pathways of any debris.
  • If you see clogged storm drains, flooding, mudslides, downed trees or other safety related issues, please call 828-250-6670 to report them.
  • Stay in your homes. If you must get out to drive, do not drive through flooded roads.
  • Keep cell phones, electric flashlights and other equipment charged.
  • Be aware of what’s to come by visiting www.weather.com or local news outlets.
  • Stay safe and use common sense.