Ivy League 09/28/22



 “Ivy Leaguewill meet at Town Hall

       at 9:30 am,  this Wednesday, September 28th

to help our Public Works trim ivy from trees on our public-rights-of-way.

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Members of the Town’s Tree Board, staff and volunteers meet for approximately 2 hours once a month to help the Public Works Department trim ivy from trees on  public rights-of-way.

If you have hand pruners, loppers, small hand saws or pruning saws, we encourage you to bring them. Some tools will be also be provided by the Town’s Public Works department. Your best grubby clothes and gloves are recommended dress.

If you would like to join, call (669-8002 x1) or email ([email protected]) the Town offices and leave your name and contact number.

Or just show up at Town Hall at 9:30!

JOIN US WEDNESDAY for our adventures in the 

                          wonderful world of  overgrown ivy!