Special Montreat Minute 03/09/22

Assembly Drive Road Closure

As mentioned in last week’s Montreat Minute, Assembly Drive will be closed to thru traffic from Monday, March 14 through Friday, March 18, from Virginia Road to Louisiana Road. Public Works will be removing dead trees from the Town right-of-way.

Please follow the detour route as indicated in the two maps below. Signage will be in place to aid in navigating the detour. Please abide by the following guidelines:

  • Residents living within the detour on Assembly, Shenandoah, Maryland and Eastminster will be allowed to pass through the road closure
  • Large vehicles such as delivery trucks and school buses will also be allowed to pass through on Assembly
  • Please travel at a slow and safe speed on the detour routes
  • Please follow traffic laws and obey stop signs
  • There are several pedestrian crossings in the detour routes, so please grant pedestrians right-of-way and travel slowly when approaching crossings