Montreat Minute June 11, 2021

Mayor‘s Summary of Last Night’s Town Council Meeting

Greetings Montreaters,

Last night’s Town Council meeting was a first- the first time we have had a monthly meeting in the new Town Hall with no COVID restrictions. It was great to see everyone’s faces without masks and greet friends we had not seen in a while. There were approximately 35 people in attendance for the meeting. We live streamed it but unfortunately due to technical difficulties, we were unable to record it. As you know, a full overview will be in the official meeting minutes in July’s agenda packet.

Click Here to read the entire meeting summary.

A Report on the “Ivy League”

As mentioned over the previous two weeks, Montreat’s “Ivy League” gathered for the first time this week to clear ivy on public property along Virginia Road. Twelve hearty Montreaters volunteered their time and muscles. Great work was accomplished and everyone had a good time. The humidity cut short the endurance for many. A special thank you to Daniel Wiggs, ISA Certified Arborist and Public Works staff, and his intrepid and “snip” happy crew: Martha Campbell, Meredith Green, Brad Hestir, John Hillsman, Jim Layman, Grace and Eric Nichols, Jean Norris, Brendan Slattery, Mary Standaert and Ann Vinson. The “League” will be gathering again the first part of July. Watch the Montreat Minute for the date and location. Be a part of the “Ivy League”!

Daniel’s wild and snip happy team (left to right): Ann Vinson, Brendan Slattery, Meredith Greene, Jean Norris, Brad Hestir, Grace Nichols, Martha Campbell, Eric Nichols, Mary Standaert. Not pictured John Hillsman and Jim Layman.

A Reminder About Trash and Recycle Pick Up

With “unofficial” summer here, conferences beginning and an influx of guests and visitors, we’d like to offer several reminders about trash pick up/recycling:

  • Sanitation pick up is on Mondays. Please have your bags at curbside by 8:00am on Monday mornings. There is no pick up on Fridays.
  • Please do not put trash bags at curbside prior to Monday morning unless they are in a bear proof container. Bears are extremely active this season and would love to dine on your trash.
  • No sorting is needed for recycling. Glass, metal, paper and numbered plastic items can all be placed in the same bag. Please rinse out any food containers and do not recycle your pizza boxes.
  • Please tie all bags before placing them in your containers or at curbside.
  • If you have need to dispose of trash or recycleables at times other than Monday pick up, stop by the Town Hall and purchase specially printed green trash bags and blue recycle bags at $1.00 each. When you pick up the bags, you’ll be told where you can dispose of the bags, for which there is no additional charge.

New Water Quality Report and Other Water News

The Town published the 2020 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report last week The good news about our water quality is that it is quite high. The report details information you need to know about the water, how it is assessed and the presents the findings. If you did not receive a copy of the report in the mail, CLICK HERE to download a copy.

But as you know, there are some peculiarities about Montreat water. Here’s the story: Every summer and other popular seasons when the Town population increases, water demand increases as well. With the increase comes a unique aspect to our water: air bubbles, which create initial “milkiness” to the water. An explanation follows, but first a quick primer on how the water system works.

Our water comes from 11 wells situated throughout the Town, from down by the gate all the way up to the extra territorial jurisdiction off Greybeard Trail. Water is treated from each well then distributed either directly to homes and other dwellings/buildings or pumped into storage tanks located on Appalachian Way and Harmony Lane. The tanks provide water when demand increases. When populations increase in the summer and other popular seasons, significantly more water is drawn through the system. Pumps work overtime, with air getting in the water caused by the pumping action. Because demand is great, the bubbles do not have an opportunity to dissipate, and they end up in your water glass. Within seconds they disappear, but not without first causing a bit of consternation.

But as mentioned earlier, our water quality is high and those bubbles won’t hurt you. Our water is tested monthly by an independent laboratory, with results reported to the State and Montreat governments. What happens with the air bubbles is simply unique to our situation and has no effect upon water quality.

Support our Montreat Post Office

Support our Montreat Post Office by buying stamps. Our Post Office is very dependent upon income from stamps and package postage. Even if you are not a full time resident, please buy your stamps from the Montreat Post Office. We don’t want our Post Office to go away due to lack of business.

It is Bear Season

Its that time of year again and the bears are out in Montreat. Read tips on staying safe with bears at  Remember, never feed a bear, for your safety and theirs.

Updates and Reminders

  • The summer bulk pickup will occur on Tuesday, July 6. Simply place your bulk items at curbside for this free service from the Town. There will be a $5 charge per item for mattresses and box springs. No hazardous materials such as paint and oil will be picked up. Another pick up will occur October 26.
  • The Planning & Zoning Commission met yesterday. To view a recording of the meeting, CLICK HERE.
  • The Montreat Tree Board will meet on Wednesday, June 22, at 9:30am in the Montreat Town Hall. The meeting will also be live streamed, with instructions to come.


Do you have Town-related questions you would like answered? If so, please send them to Angela Murphy at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay well and have a great weekend!