Special Montreat Minute 06/10/21

Special Montreat Minute June 10, 2021

A Reminder About Trash and Recycle Pick Up

With “unofficial” summer here, conferences beginning and an influx of guests and visitors, we’d like to offer several reminders about trash pick up/recycling:

  • Sanitation pick up is on Mondays. Please have your bags at curbside by 8:00am on Monday mornings. There is no pick up on Fridays.
  • Please do not put trash bags at curbside prior to Monday morning unless they are in a bear proof container. Bears are extremely active this season and would love to dine on your trash.
  • No sorting is needed for recycling. Glass, metal, paper and numbered plastic items can all be placed in the same bag. Please rinse out any food containers and do not recycle your pizza boxes.
  • Please tie all bags before placing them in your containers or at curbside.
  • If you have need to dispose of trash or recycleables at times other than Monday pick up, stop by the Town Hall and purchase specially printed green trash bags and blue recycle bags at $1.00 each. When you pick up the bags, you’ll be told where you can dispose of the bags, for which there is no additional charge.

Thank you and have a GREAT summer!