Montreat Minute for December 11, 2020

Mayor’s Meeting Summary of Last Night’s Town Council Meeting

Greetings Fellow Montreaters,

We had another COVID-19 pandemic “first” tonight. Tonight’s meeting was totally virtual. No one was in the Town Hall Community Room, but instead everyone met via Zoom. I wasn’t sure how it would go, since I myself am not the most “techie” person. But upon conclusion, we agreed that it worked reasonably well. We hope we won’t have to meet this way too many times again. But it’s important we practice correct COVID-19 protocols at this time of increasing infections. We recorded the meeting and posted it to our YouTube page. CLICK HERE to watch the recording.

Because it was a totally virtual meeting, we followed our approach for the April, May and June meetings and did not have a Public Forum. Instead, comments and questions were made a part of the Public Comments section of the Council meeting.

Here’s a summary of tonight’s meeting:

Please CLICK HERE to read more…

Also, CLICK HERE if you would like to view the video recording of the meeting.

COVID-19 Update

  1. Another COVID-19 Executive Order from Governor Cooper

The NC Governor announced another Executive Order this week that go into effect today (Friday.) Most of the provisions have to do with businesses. However, he did institute a curfew for individuals. The curfew restricts people to their homes from 10:00pm until 7:00am daily. It is largely intended to restrict people from congregating in bars and other such venues. We simply wanted you to be aware of this new restriction. If you would like to learn more about the order, CLICK HERE.

Sanitation Pickup

We are grateful to the Public Works (PW) Department for many things, but in particular their teamwork in handling our trash and recycling. Perhaps you’ve noticed PW staff on the back of the sanitation trucks picking up trash and recycle bags. In fact, you may have seen PW Director Barry Creasman and Town Administrator Alex Carmichael doing pick ups! That is because the part-time workers who normally do the pick up duty have not been reliable, leaving the task to our own staff. They have pitched in to get the job done while Barry and Alex look for a more reliable solution for workers.

We can make their jobs easier and more efficient. Please:

  • Double tie the bags before you place them in your trash receptacles
    • Do not put loose objects, like boxes or other items, in the cans. Everything must be in the plastic bags.
    • Be careful about what you recycle. Check for the recycle symbol before placing in blue recycle bags.
    • Also remember recycling does not take paper towels, napkins, pizza boxes and other items with food residue
    • If you have cardboard boxes, please flatten them and tie multiple boxes together with string
    • If you have trash or recycle that you need to dispose of before the Monday pick up, you can purchase trash (green) and recycle (blue) bags at the Town Hall for $1 apiece, which includes the right to drop them at the old Town Services building.

Updates and Reminders

  • Several residents alerted us and the Conference Center about increasing numbers of dog waste bags being left on Montreat’s trails. We all need to be diligent about keeping our Town and trails clean of all trash and waste. Remind others of this important fact.
  • Have you noticed the beautiful Christmas wreath hanging on the front of the new Town Hall? The Town Hall garden team, “Gardeners of Weedin’” decorated the wreath and Public Works hung it. They also placed decorations on other parts of the building exterior. If you would like to donate toward the decorations and the work of the garden team, please send a donation to the Town of Montreat, PO Box 423, Montreat, NC, 28757 and note it is for Town Hall landscape.
  • Watch your mail for the 2021 Town Annual Calendar, which should be arriving soon. It is full of key dates and other important information.
  • There are no more committee meetings until the new year.


Do you have Town-related questions you would like answered? If so, please send them to Angela Murphy at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay well and have a great weekend.