Special Montreat Minute 2/11/20

We Still Need Your Opinion

Several weeks ago we announced the availability of a survey seeking your opinion regarding key issues for future planning. Many thanks to the 140 people who have completed the survey. If you have not completed it, we really do need your opinion.

As mentioned previously, the Town engaged in a planning process in 2008. The result was the Town of Montreat Comprehensive Plan. It has been the primary planning directive for 12 years. The Town Council set a goal for the 2019-2020 fiscal year to review and update the 2008 Plan. As the Council begins the process, we need your thoughts on key issues within the 2008 plan as well as other planning issues.

Whether you’re a full time resident, part time resident, renter, college student, employee, or a visitor to Montreat enjoying what it offers, please complete a short survey. It takes nine minutes to complete. CLICK HERE to complete the survey. We really need your thoughts on Montreat Today and Montreat Tomorrow. Results will be shared later in the spring.