Answers to Questions to RFP: Municipal Finance Software

1. How many utility bills are run each month? 674

2. Do you print them in house or use a third party printer/mailer? In house

3. Who is your meter vendor and how are they read (i.e., manually, touch read, radio read, etc). Meuller—read by street machine

4. Do you currently take credit cards for payments (Utility, Business Permits, etc. I did not see a link on the webpage)? Yes, we do take credit card payments. Point and Pay is the servicer.

5. Do you currently email utility bills? We do not currently email utility bills. If not, would you be interested? Yes, we are interested in the ability to email utility bills.

6. Accounts Payable – Scanning Invoices. Are you using this to scan and attach invoices to the invoice in the system or do you expect scanned invoices to be directly entered into the system from the scanned document? To scan and attach invoices to the invoice in the system.

7. Accounts Payable – ACH same as EFT and does that process have to be inside AP or can it be a Cash Disbursement in the GL with a direct link to the vendor and its history? We would consider both options.

8. Building Permits – Can this be a third party and should the RFP include the third party bid or should it be a bid on it’s own? We need to look into our options on this. At this time, we want the system to record revenues from building permits to the G/L accounts as opposed to us manually entering those types of revenues manually.

9. Under desired functionality, what does Unlimited account capabilities refer to (GL, UB, etc)? We do not want separate software packages for Payroll, Utility Billing, etc. We want one system that is capable of handling all of our sub-systems.

10. On-line screen inquires – is this on-line help? Yes.

11. Page 1, Last Paragraph, Bullet 5. Pre-Audit Certificates – Besides purchase orders are there any other documents the certificate statement should be printed on? The Pre-Audit Certificate is also printed on checks. We also stamp contracts with the certificate as well.

12. Page 2, Bullet 10 Data Import – Can you provide examples of data that needs to be imported? An example would be the ability to import payroll data to an Excel file.

13. Page 2, Desired Functions, Bullet 4 PDF Backups (scan) – this sounds like a specific situation can you describe this request in more detail with an example? Being able to scan an invoice and attaching it as a PDF to the check (disbursement).

14. Page 2, Desired Functions, Bullet 8 Unlimited Account Capabilities -Accounts are dependent on the chart you are using can you describe in more detail what is meant by this, with an example? A typical G/L account number begins with a fund number, then a function number, department number, then account number. Example: 10-00-4200-330 (General Fund-General Government-Administration-Office Supplies).

15. Page 3, Bullet 4 Fringe and Indirect distribution – is this request specific to payroll, if not what other applications and can you provide examples? Payroll

16. Page 3, Bullet 8 Can you provide an example of an accrual and a special payment that you want to schedule? Are these electronic payments? At present, these are not electronic payments. Our bond payments, for example, are paid once a year (principal and interest), however we must accrue the liability monthly until the payment is made.

17. Page 3, Bullet 9, Sub-bullet 11 Is the AFIR analysis report different from the AFIR report required by the state? It is the same.