Montreat Minute for November 22, 2019

“Speedy” Reminder

With many friends and family visiting Montreat for the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to remind everyone of the increased enforcement of speed limits in Montreat. Due to citizen concerns about excessive speeds, the Montreat Police Department has been more aggressive in citing speeders. Please be aware, and remind your visitors, that the overall Town speed limit is 20 mph unless otherwise posted. For example, Assembly Drive is 30 mph from the gate to just before Welch Field, where it drops to 20 mph. Thanks for helping keep the roads and pedestrians safe.

By the way, as mentioned in last week’s Montreat Minute, we are seeking your opinion on whether to install a three way stop at Assembly Drive and Georgia Terrace by the post office to slow down traffic and better protect pedestrians at that busy crosswalk. Please take a minute to complete a one question survey by CLICKING HERE. Thanks to those who have already completed the survey. We will keep you informed as to decisions on this issue.

How Familiar Are You with the Town Website?

You’re probably aware that a year ago, we redesigned the Montreat Town website ( We hope it’s more informative, interactive and intuitive for you. There are several features built into the website designed to save you time and keep you informed. For example:

  • You can submit a building permit or building inspection request online by using the “Forms” link at the top of the website. (
  • You can schedule your own zoning review meeting with Adrienne Isenhower, Zoning Administrator, by clicking on “Departments and Services” under the logo, then scroll down to “Development Services” and click on “Zoning” (

There is much more to be found on the site, so take a few minutes and check it out. In fact, we’re offering a limited edition Montreat T-Shirt to the first person who goes to the website and finds the message “Win a Town of Montreat T-Shirt” hidden somewhere in the website!

Meet Daniel Wiggs, Utility Maintenance Worker

Daniel joined the Montreat Public Works department on August 12 and is the Town’s newest employee. Daniel works with Barry, Bill, Jarod and Mike taking care of our streets, utilities, trees and public property. Prior to coming to Montreat, Daniel worked for eight years with BB Barns Landscaping as a Landscape Foreman. There he spent much time planting and pruning trees and shrubs, installing and maintaining water features and much more —making properties more attractive.

As a result of his knowledge and experience at BB Barns, Daniel’s specialty at Montreat is tree management. He said we are blessed to have such a diversity of trees and woody shrubs here in Montreat. He has a passion for being a steward of the environment, saying “we have to preserve and take care of our forests and woodlands.” He and Barry will be taking a test next month to receive their Arborist Certifications.

Daniel is from Black Mountain and graduated from Owen High School. He was raised at Cragmont Assembly in North Fork, where his family has managed the assembly center for 40 years. He loved being raised at Cragmont, where he developed his love and passion for the outdoors. Daniel’s grandmother brought him to Montreat often when he was a child, building his love for our community. He particularly remembers fishing excursions in Lake Susan with his grandmother. In fact, he cherishes a photo of his grandmother sitting by Lake Susan in 1943.

Daniel is married with three daughters. As you might expect, he spends his free time outdoors hiking, fishing, and gardening. With the three girls (ages 16, 13, 7), he also spends time at extracurricular events like softball games and dance recitals. He will be joining the Session at Black Mountain Presbyterian Church in January.

When asked about his “first impressions” of working at Montreat, Daniel said, “At first, it was a bit scary leaving BB Barns because there was such a strong family feeling there. But I soon realized that I stepped into something very similar at Montreat. There’s a strong sense of family and the people I work with are good people who want to come to work and get work done. I’ve found a place and a job that I could do until I retire!”

If you see Daniel around Town blowing leaves or hanging from a tree, offer him a warm Montreat welcome.

Thanksgiving Schedule

Just a reminder that the Town offices will be closed next week on Thursday and Friday, November 28 and 29, in celebration of Thanksgiving. The Montreat Minute will be taking a break as well. The sanitation service pickup schedule is unaffected.

Upcoming Meetings

  • Montreat Tree Board, Tuesday, November 26, at 9:30 in the Town Services offices

Have a great weekend!