Update From the August 9th, 2018 Town Commision Meeting

Mayor’s Summary of the August 9 Town Council Meeting


Greetings friends,


Our meeting started as a celebration with the “reveal” of the new logo and website. More about that in a bit. But, we did get a few things accomplished as well!


Here are the highlights of the meeting:

  • Prior to the Public Forum, we celebrated the “reveal” of the new logo and the Montreat website. The celebration included everyone’s first look at the logo and the website, a cake with an icing logo, balloons and the announcement of the logo design contest. Congratulations to Tom Frist and Philip Arnold for submitting two designs from the individual pieces we’ve been sending out that looked very similar to the actual logo. They won T-shirts with the new logo. Here’s the new logo and check out the new website by going to the old address: townofmontreat.org.
  • Public Forum questions/comments included:
    • Several comments about the new Town Hall, with suggestions of including a space for volunteers to greet people, a porch and a fireplace
    • An inquiry about why the Town makes it difficult for people who desire to pay their water bills by check/cash instead of electronic funds transfers. Town Administrator Alex Carmichael will investigate.
    • A comment about the importance of our knowing and reminding people we are a Presbyterian conference center and not just a town. MRA’s role of bringing people here to share the light of Christ is extremely important.
    • Montreat College will welcome new students on August 17th, with classes commencing on August 21st. The College will enjoy yet another year of record enrollment, with more than 500 students on the Montreat campus.
  • At the Council Meeting, I spoke about the Montreat “address” issue. It’s a long and complicated matter, and I have asked Commissioner Alice Lentz to undertake this project on behalf of the Town. She has already begun investigating and forming a plan to address this troublesome issue.
  • The Bridge Aesthetics Committee presented their report and recommendations to the Commission. They did an excellent job in gathering facts, investigating alternatives, and making recommendations. Their report was accepted by the Council and will be acted upon at a future Commission meeting. To see their report, CLICK HERE. Many thanks to Committee Chair Mason Blake and members Jane Alexander, Randi Collie, Shannon Ingersoll, Robin Melvin, Walter Somerville, and Commissioner Kent Otto.
  • Town Administrator Alex Carmichael walked everyone through the new website (townofmontreat.org), pointing out that many public documents and historical documents have been included. He invited everyone to visit it and see all the new information available.
  • He also explained that we will be 1) opening proposals from Design/Build firms for the new Town Hall on Thursday, August 16 at 4:00 (Walkup Building), 2) finalizing candidate firms on August 20 at 5:00 (Walkup Building), 3) selection to take place August 27 (Walkup Building at time TBD), which represents a major step forward for our new Town Hall.
  • The Council also approved several paving contracts, including Frist Road, Calvin Trail and Texas Road, all of which will begin in late summer.
  • There were questions as to why the Town was paving a private road, Frist Road, and using public funds to do so. Alex explained that Frist Road is a public road up to a certain point, and only the public portion will be paved. A list of private roads is available from the Town offices if interested.
  • Other highlights include:
    • A suggestion of removing the split rail fence in front of the new Town Hall property making it safer for pedestrian walking.
    • A reminder from Martha Campbell about Landcare’s Track and Trail program and EcoExplore The new Track and Trail Kiosk is in front of the Moore Center. Check it out with your kids and grandkids.
    • What’s going on in Montreat? Do you know? Sign up for the Sunshine List to get periodic emails about the Town of Montreat’s happenings. Email here to be added to the list!

Please let me know if you have any questions or topics you’d like to discuss. Write me at [email protected] or call me at 828/669-3852. I’d love to hear from you. Have a great August.


Again, thank you for your trust in us,

Mayor Tim Helms on behalf of the Town Council


Here is a listing of the formal actions taken by the Commission at the meeting:

  • Approved meeting minutes of the July 12 Public Forum and Town Council meeting
  • Adopted the local water supply plan resolution
  • Approved a contract with C&T Paving Inc in the amount of $29,378.32 for the Frist Road Paving Project
  • Approved a contract with C&T Paving Inc. in the amount of $222,717.26 for the Calvin Trail and Texas Road Paving Project
  • Approved an offer of employment for a full time Finance Officer in the amount of $65,000 per annum plus benefits beginning no sooner than August 24, 2018

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