RFQ: Town Hall Design-Build Project, Project Number 2018-004

There are an updated Addenda to the Town of Montreat’s RFQ: TOWN HALL DESIGN-BUILD PROJECT, PROJECT NUMBER 2018-004. Material changes are made in Addedum #2, and bidder questions are answere in Addendum #3. The original RFQ, issued on 6/6/208, has been revised in this current version. The purpose of the revisions in Addendum #2 is to simplify the SOQ process for Submitters and make several material changes to the original RFQ. Submitters may use either RFQ format. However, if using the original version, Submitters are asked to address the following material changes as established in this version:

2.2 Revised Project Schedule
3.2 Narrative understanding of project goals
3.3.2 Design Portfolio
3.4.1 Key Personnel – addition of architect on team
3.6 References

Addendum #1 is no longer in effect.

The RFQ, Addenda and supplementary information can be found on the Bid Opportunities page of this website.

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