What to Do in an Emergency?

Recently several people have asked about planning for an emergency. If we ever have to evacuate, what is the best way to get out of Montreat? The answer to that question really depends on the nature of the emergency. If there is a forest fire for example, the location of the fire will dictate the best avenue for evacuation. The best response to other types of emergencies may be to shelter in place. There is no one evacuation route or response for all scenarios.

So what can you do to get emergency-specific information?

  1. SIGN UP FOR CODE RED. Two links on the right of this page will allow you to register either your home or your mobile phone. In an emergency, the Town will use Code Red to disseminate information quickly.
  2. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE POLICE, FIRE, OR OTHER EMERGENCY RESPONDERS ON THE GROUND. In an emergency plans, traffic patterns, and even the physical environment can change. Look to those personnel, rather than a map, for real time directions.

The Montreat Police department, in consultation with other Town staff and input from the Black Mountain Fire Department, has developed a map for primary and secondary evacuation routes. This is a baseline for emergency response Рnot a rule book. Remember, these roads may not be the best way out of Town in every emergency. But if you are interested, you may view the likely routes identified by staff at the map linked here.

If you have questions, please contact me at the office anytime. 669-8002.


Alex Carmichael, your Town Administrator

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