Montreat Minute 4/24/20

COVID-19 Update

Here are several COVID-19 updates pertinent to the Montreat community:

  • Yesterday Governor Cooper extended the “Stay Home” Order until at least May 9, depending upon how certain key indicators look at that time. However, the Buncombe County “Stay Home” order, which is slightly more stringent than the Governor’s, is still indefinitely in place.
  • Know anyone who is in significant stress or need as a result of the COVID-19 crisis? A special help line has been set up. United Way, in partnership with Buncombe County, has established a phone service by dialing 211. The United Way will determine callers’ needs and work with Buncombe County departments and other resources to respond to the needs.
  • Most Town staff continue to work from home. Call 828-669-8002 or email for questions or comments.
  • Please consider donating to the One Buncombe Fund to assist Buncombe County businesses and individuals affected by the economic crisis. To learn more about the Fund and to make a gift, CLICK HERE.

Montreat Landcare Committee Update

  • The National Wildlife Federation is offering quite a few free resources to help amuse, entertain and educate your children and grandchildren when they cry out, “I’m bored!”  Simply go to  and explore the many opportunities that are yours for the clicking!  Simply go to the menu and click on “Kids and Family”.  Right off the bat, you can sign up for the digital version of Ranger Rick magazine for FREE!  If you’re old school, and you still prefer paper subscriptions, they’re offering the magazine at 70% off!  You’ll also find fun games, contests, and activities for parents, grandparents, and kids to do together. 
  • Check out some of the other menu items provided…click on “Get Involved”, followed by “Certify your Garden”.  You’ll be amazed how easy it is to show your love for wildlife by having your yard certified by the National Wildlife Federation.  And last but not least, click on “Educational Resources”, and you’ll find a wealth of information…online field guides, the latest updates on safeguarding America’s wildlife, and up-to-date information on what’s trending.  You may find yourself getting back to nature in some new and exciting ways that will not only make your garden and yard more beautiful but will reward you with the knowledge that you’re doing something to help our environment and our community!

Just one more thing!  With a little extra time on your hands, take a few minutes to check out the newly updated Landcare website…

Let’s Thank the Town Hall Stone Masons

Of everything that has happened at the Town Hall, people have exclaimed more about the stone on the exterior than anything else. They love the work the stone masons are doing. In fact, people honk and wave at the workers when they drive by, and the workers wave back! The masons will likely be finished with their work in the next week or so.

It was suggested that we Montreaters could thank the work crew in a unique “COVID-19” way. This Monday, April 27, there will be a “drive by” thank you beginning at noon. The workers will be eating their lunch on the creek side porch. We’ll organize ourselves in the parking lot next to the gate then parade by on the new driveway of the Town Hall, honking and waving and saying “thank you”. They don’t work when it rains, so Tuesday the 28th will be our rain date.

For those living nearby, please bear with the noise for the short duration of the drive by.

Let’s all join together and show our appreciation for the beauty of the stone work on the new Town Hall.

Meet Jarod McIntosh, Montreat Water Department

Each month we feature a Montreat staff member or Board of Commission member. This month we’re featuring staff member Jarod McIntosh.

Every workday, Jarod McIntosh deals with a pleasant conflict. He loves to come to work at his job as Operator for the Water Department. But, he also loves to be at home with his wife, Samantha, and their two girls, Karter (7) and Finley (3).

Jarod has worked for the Town since January 2018 and loves his job. He is responsible for ensuring Montreat’s 11 wells are operating and providing the Town with fresh water. His duties entail checking the eight well locations (3 wells are located on the same upper Greybeard site), treating the water, checking water meters, testing the water on a monthly basis, and doing major water testing twice annually. He came to us from the Town of Black Mountain where he worked in the water department for five years.

Besides his water duties, you’ve probably seen Jarod working with other Public Works crew doing non-water projects. You might see him operating a back hoe (which he does like it was a third hand!), hanging on the back of a sanitation truck picking up trash or brush, cleaning out stormwater drains, and many other jobs. “We have our own jobs to do,” said Jarod. “But we always help each other out. We’re a team, we’re like one family.” In fact, the variety and teamwork he experiences at Montreat caused him to say, “This is the best job I’ve ever had. The people are great and Barry [Creasman] is the best boss I’ve ever had. He’s taught me a lot.” He also enjoys meeting and talking with Montreaters, saying we are a very friendly bunch!

When finished with the work that he enjoys, he heads to his home in Swannanoa to enjoy his family. They have a large lot, which allows them to raise chickens and cows. The two girls are active in caring for the animals—feeding, cleaning, playing with and collecting chicken eggs. The girls aren’t intimidated by the animals. In fact, they carry the chickens around like pets.

When the McIntoshes are not tending to the animals, they enjoy camping, going to Lake James, fishing and gardening- just being together outdoors. They have a vegetable garden, so the girls are learning yet another aspect of “farming”. Jarod cheers on the UNC Chapel Hill basketball team, enjoying his conversations with rival fan Dr. Newton Clark as they argue which team is best, Carolina or Duke!

We’re grateful to have Jarod on the Public Works team. His positive attitude and willingness to do whatever needs to be done helps make the department even more effective. Thank him next time you see him around Town.

Caption: Jarod’s daughter, Karter, enjoying time with one of her favorite chickens!

Burning Questions?

Do you have Town-related questions you would like answered? If so, please send them to Angela Murphy at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a safe and distanced weekend.