Update 9/20/18: Water Bill Issues?

9/20/18 Update: The file transmittal system has been resolved. The draft is scheduled to post Thursday, 9/20/18.



Please be advised that if you are signed up to have water bills automatically draft from your account your bill for September may seem high.


What Happened? August bill drafts failed to post to the bank, and that balance is carrying forward to September.

How Did It Happen? Every month the Town prepares an electronic draft file based on individual account usage. This file essentially tells the bank how much to charge for your monthly usage. In August, that electronic file did not transmit from the Town’s system to the bank.

Who is Affected? Everyone who was signed up for automatic draft in August is affected.

Will I be charged a Late Fee? No. The Town will not charge late fees to water account holders for the weakness of our processes.

What is the Town Doing to Fix the Problem? The Town is working with the providers of our financial software package and our bank, and those two institutions are working with each other. We are working to identify the problem in communicating the draft to the bank and preventing the problem from happening again.

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