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Wayfinding Advisory Committee

The Wayfinding Advisory Committee is composed of one representative each from the Board of Commissioners, Planning and Zoning Commission, Montreat College, Montreat Conference Center and Montreat Cottagers Association. This Committee is advisory to the Board of Commissioners and is established as a public body under the North Carolina Open Meetings Law. The Committee is currently on hiatus and is not holding regular meetings.

This Committee has been tasked with the following goals and objectives:

  • Evaluate existing signage and determine the various signage needs for each community entity;
  • Coordinate existing signage into a cohesive comprehensive system to reduce visual clutter and mismatched sign efforts;
  • Develop a vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding system that will promote walking and bicycling;
  • Propose a Wayfinding Signage Plan and Design Guidelines Manual that will be used by the three entities to project a consistent image for the entire town and be compatible with its historic character and natural setting;
  • Provide coordinated standardized destination signage that will also provide directions to parking areas and key destinations; and
  • Evaluate options for revising the Town of Montreat Sign Regulations so that they conform to the Wayfinding Signage Plan.

All Wayfinding Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public.

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