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Town Hall Facility

Project Background:

The Town of Montreat began leasing the current Town Services Office from the Mountain Retreat Association in the early 1970's. Despite minor repairs and upgrades, the building has reached the end of its useful life as a municipal facility. It lacks adequate electrical, heating, and air conditioning systems and its roof, restrooms, and storage areas are in need of major renovation or replacement. Office and storage space do not meet current needs, and the building lacks conference or public meeting space. After investigating a number of options over several years, the Board of Commissioners identified a potential site on a 0.776 acre tract located between Florida Terrace and Arkansas Trail for construction of a new Town Hall facility. McGill Associates prepared a Space Needs and Site Study Report in September 2013 to determine the building size needed to accommodate current and future space needs, and whether a facility of that size could be sited on the subject lot. McGill's reports recommended a gross building square footage area of 8,897 square feet, and provided two conceptual site plan options. The Board finalized the purchase of the Florida Terrace property in October 2013, and issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for architectural design services in January 2014. After reviewing RFQ responses from eleven firms, the Board selected six candidates to give presentations and answer interview questions during two special meetings on April 14 and 15, 2014 in the Left Bank Conference Room.

The Board approved an architectural design services contract with Architectural Design Studios (ADS) at the May 8, 2014 Town Council Meeting. ADS staff prepared preliminary conceptual plans for this project, which were presented for public review and comment in specially-scheduled open meetings held on June 5 and June 12, 2014.The Board accepted proposed interior design layouts for the new Town Hall facility as amended during their meeting on June 26. Preliminary design plans were presented for public review and comment during the July 5 and August 2, 2014 Montreat Cottagers Association meetings.

Following the removal of the proposed Arkansas Trail building access and parking area, ADS then prepared a two-story conceptual design for presentation at the August 7 Agenda Meeting and August 14 Town Council Meeting. The Board approved the two-story conceptual design layout as presented on August 14, 2014. The Board also approved a proposal with ADS to review additional Town Hall sites within Montreat's municipal limits.

Current Status UPDATED:

On July 14th, 2016 Mayor Pro Tem Kitty Fouche moved that the Council give Mayor Tim Helms the authority to appoint a Town Hall Task Force of taypayers and one or more Commissioners to ascertain the will of the community regarding the style, location and costs of a new Town Hall. The members of this Committee are as follows:

Chairman Brinkley Melvin
Vice-Chair Bill Scheu
Mayor Pro Tem Kitty Fouche
Jane Holt
Gordon Neville
Mike Collie

Town Hall Organizational Minutes from August 24, 2016
Minutes from September 15, 2016. Commissioner Fouche's meeting with Mr. Richard DuBose and supporting documents.
Minutes from October 4, 2016. Vice-Chair Scheu's report of Parcel Ownership, Governmental Jurisdiction and Zoning.
Commissioner Fouche's report of meetings with Matt Settlemeyer, Jamey Mathews, Steve Freeman and Chief Jack Staggs.
Minutes from November 9, 2016.

Report of Montreat Town Hall Committee

ADS presented their comparative evaluation of the four potential Town Hall sites during Special Meeting on September 18, 2014. Citizen comment cards were mailed to Montreat residents to give written input on each of the four sites included in the presentation. An ad hoc committee was appointed to tabulate the responses, record the results, and report their findings to the Board of Commissioners. During the October 9, 2014 Town Council Meeting, the ad hoc committee presented a report of their findings, followed by a presentation of preliminary exterior conceptual designs by ADS. During a Special Meeting held on October 10, 2014, the Board voted 4/1 to approve the Florida Terrace site as the selected Town Hall location. A geotechnical engineering study report was completed on January 7, 2015, and ADS gave an exterior design and plan review presentation during the January 8, 2015 Town Council Meeting.

Next Steps:

Geothermal testing drilling and thermal conductivity testing is underway on the project site. ADS is working to finalize construction drawings for the new facility in preparation for the bidding process.

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