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Join the Sunshine List!

The Sunshine List is a group e-mail distribution list which provides updates on the following types of information:

  • Board and Committee meeting agendas
  • Special Meeting notices
  • Public Hearing notices
  • Meeting cancellations
  • Informational brochure updates
  • Town Services Office closures
  • Public safety updates
  • Sanitation collection schedule changes
  • Newest edition of Town newsletter
  • Other Town-related business items of community interest

Joining this list is a great way for seasonal residents, out of town property owners and others to receive up-to-date information without the cost and delay of standard postal mail. 

Interested?  E-mail the Town at with the e-mail address you'd like to have added to the list.  You'll receive a test message to ensure the validity of the e-mail account provided, and then be included in any future messages sent to the group.

Note:  With few exceptions, all Town-generated documents are published publicly in PDF format.  If you do not already have software that will allow you to view PDF files, click here.


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