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Recent Governing Board Actions - April 2017

The Board of Commissioners took the following actions during their April 6th Town Council Meeting:

  • Adopted Meeting Minutes from March 2, 2017 Public Forum Meeting and March 2, 2017 Agenda Meeting , March 9, 2017 Town Council Meeting, March 17, 2017 Special Workshop.
  • Adopted Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget Amendment #4.
  • Adopted Resolution #17-04-003 Honoring Police Chief Jack M. Staggs Upon His Retirement.
  • Adopted Resolution #17-04-001 Awarding to Retiring Police Chief Jack Staggs His Badge and Service Sidearm.
  • Adopted Resolution #17-04-002 Designating April 29, 2017 as Arbor Day in the Town of Montreat.
  • Adopted Resolution #17-04-004 Declaring Certain Items Surplus and Authorizing Disposal by Private Negotiation and Sale.
  • Discussed formation of a Bridge Beautification Committee.
  • Awarded the Mecklenburg Circle/Louisiana Road Paving Project to C & T Paving in the Amount of $185,867.00 and to Authorize the Mayor and Town Administrator to Execute the necessary related Contract Documents.
  • Directed the Planning and Zoning Commission to Review a Potential Rezoning of Eastern Florida Terrace properties from (I/R) Institutional/Residential to (R-1) Low-Density Residential for Conformity with the Comprehensive Plan and other Developmental Regulations, as necessary.


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